Make a Video with Pictures and Music

How to make a slideshow with pictures and music

Making a video with pictures and music used to be something only MTV could afford to do, but today you can make a video with pictures and music for free, using just the programs that came with your computer. The way you make your movies depends on your computer. Mac users have IMovie as part of the installed software, and Windows users have MovieMaker. In either case, you will need something to work with.

Getting media for your movies

If you want to appear on camera or show live action, your video camera probably takes good to excellent quality video. Your PC or Mac has software installed that lets you edit the video clips and assemble a complete movie.

Slideshow video can be made from still images, even from PowerPoint presentations. Macs have ‘KeyNote’ with plays slideshows and also records them for you, ready to edit.

PC users will need to install a screen recorder to capture their slideshows. CamStudio is available for free (Google ‘camstudio download’ and look for link). CamStudio is the baby brother of Camtasia, a full featured recorder and editor. Download and install the software and you’re ready to record.

For slideshows, animated graphics and text add visual interest to your presentations. Many animated themes are available to use as starting points. Below is a simple slideshow recording made using an animated theme:

Create your slideshow, launch the recorder and narrate your presentation as you step through the slides. End the capture when the slideshow is done. You can add music using your PC or Mac editing software.

A simple way to make jaw-dropping videos from stills or video clips is a service called Animoto. This service let’s you combine stills and video clips into HD movies. Animoto uses artificial intelligence to analyze each image and the music to select the transitions and effects just like a Hollywood video editor would.

The videos are east to make – just upload your images and/or video clips, pick a theme and arrange the slides, and pick a music track, then let Animoto do the work for you offline. It even sends you an e-mail when it has finished your movie!

This is an example of an Animoto movie:

Now that you have your movie, you are ready to post your movie on YouTube for the world to see.